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Welcome to The Hotel Firm

Hello and welcome to THE HOTEL FIRM.

Are you looking for a rejuvenating break within or out of India? 

Is your office planning a destination conference meeting or an event/exhibition?

Are you looking for the Perfect Destination to visit in the right budget?

Are you looking to make a series of planned bookings in India?

Well if your answer to any of the questions is "YES" then we believe we can help you.

Research has revealed that holidaymakers spend more time planning and researching their break away than they do actually enjoying it.

The trend of the new age traveller is but by far having only one agenda. They want to "Make the most of every moment". 

However the challenge is always one thing, which is "identifying the right preference of the travellers".

At THE HOTEL FIRM we help identify and execute options for your well-deserved break.

Lets face it identifying the Perfect destination, keeping the budget in mind and yet maximising the full potential of the time and money deployed so as to have a thoroughly satisfying experience is a very tough ask from any person. However for us at The Hotel Firm we fulfill this daunting dare with a smile, only because we have a few unique ingredients

  • EXPERIENCE of +30 years
  • EXCLUSIVE large base of corporate clients as well as individual travellers. 
  • Excellent relations with the stalwarts of the Indian Hospitality industry.
  • Exhaustive network of Hotels all over the world.

These are but by far the few things in our favour that makes us different from others.

all companies have an essence

It is derived from 

its people 

its culture

its vision 

we call this essence 


We invite you now, to experience 

the soul of 'The Hotel Firm'



Having worked for 30 years in the Hotel Industry Sales with various Hotels, Ms Poonam Sethi(Our MD) has worked closely with various corporate clients who developed a comforting rapport and most importantly TRUST AND FAITH through the years.

We completely take away the stress of non-core activities of planning your event so that your company and employees can concentrate on their core activity.

We pride ourselves in our ability to formulate a programme for any party size to suit both your aspirations and budget with a high level of flexibility. We diligently research hotels all over the Country to find the best location and price based on the criteria provided by you.

In short it will make us immensly glad to help you get the best out of what we have to offer you, after clearly understanding your needs and requirements. 

So give us a call on the number mentioned below or "request a call back"

We promise to get in touch with you as quickly as we possibly can.


  • Wyeth India Limited ( Pharmaceutical Company )
  • Novartis ( Pharmaceutical Company )
  • Lowe India ( Advertising Company )
  • Evonik Degussa ( Chemical Industries )
  • Mantri Reality ( Realty )
  • Kolsite Group ( Industrial Company)
  • Deccan Chronical ( Media )
  • Diageo ( Liquor Company )
  • World Wide Media ( Media )
  • Kanga and Company ( A Law Firm )
  • Sanofi Aventis ( Pharmaceutical Company )
  • AstraZeneca ( Pharmaceutical Company )
  • Group M ( Media )
  • Virbac ( Animal Healthcare Company )
  • Studio 18 ( Media )
  • Volvo ( Automobile Company )
  • Solutia Chemicals ( Industrial Company )
  • Standard Chartered Bank ( Bank )
Individual Travel
Individual Travel

As an individual traveller lets face it you have a mind of your own and want to explore and have a experience which you can call a holiday and not what an itinerary defines as a holiday.

We are not hearing BUT LISTENING to you loud and clear!

  • Flexibility of travel dates
  • Innovative holiday ideas
  • Choice of accommodation from Budget to Luxury
  • Offbeat destinations
  • Decide your own pace for your own holiday

We understand that having a unique choice comes with its own set of responsibilities. As if deciding which was the right moment to take a break wasn't enough stressful you really don't want the pre-holiday tension about researching the accommodation and spending hours sorting out all the transport right from flights to car hire.

We want you to enjoy the Pre-Holiday build up and get excited about the holiday minus the tension.

You can have anything in mind. Feel free to give us all your pre-holiday stress cause this is what we love and are here to do. 

All it takes is a call and we will plan the journey so all you need to do is sit back and Enjoy. After all, relaxing as soon as you step out of your routine is what it's all about.

Leisure Groups
Leisure Groups

We listen carefully to the needs and requirements of people and understand the feel of what a group of travelers would love to do collectively and suggest and structure an itinerary that allows you to really make the most of your trip. 

At The Hotel Firm We offer a range of holiday ideas around the world to suit every individual traveler’s needs. Simply share your mind with us and we shall design your holidays to suite your taste.

Our experienced travel advisers will help you to stitch together a unique trip that fits with what you are looking for. You can include everything that you've ever dreamt of doing in one fantastic trip of a lifetime. 

For those who are after something with a little less structure, we can incorporate as much time as you like for independent individual travel.

International Travel
International Travel

No matter how much time you research for a hotel to suit your needs, you always feel, something amiss somewhere. We personally travel and see every international and domestic hotel before we suggest the same to you. 

Since the level of service and satisfaction of the traveler is of prime importance to us the criteria for selection of any hotel to be a part of our exclusive network is of high standard.

We know nowadays safety and security are of prime importance while traveling, the same applies for us, may be a bit more as we care for you. Hence due diligence is done on our part to overcome any unforeseen emergency and ensure a wonderful experience.  

Have faith in the suggestion we make and give us a chance to make your trip a one with memorable experiences.

We are waiting to help you on your next international excursion.

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